Tribute to Mohammed Ockards

Tribute to Mohammed Ockards

This month, a true stalwart in the carting industry was lost. Mohammed Ockards, affectionately known as “Oom Gammat” passed away at the age of 72. It is truly the end of an era but not of his legacy.

When CHPA started 23 years ago, Oom Gammat was already a well-known and established figure within the industry. He was a born horseman and many of the Ockards’ children have it in their blood too. His father used to transport the midwife in District Six in a special cart which doubled as the hearse in the area. Oom Gammat himself used to have a fruit and veg stall and even drove early mornings all the way to Kalk Bay to fetch fish with which he traded.


The last 7 or 8 years he lived in Heinz Park and still took his grand daughter to school with his cart and horses. If he needed to go anywhere, the cart was his transport. He loved having horses in double harness and tried to match the colours of his pairs as much as he could. He had a real affection for donkeys and he and Sakkie (who lives at the R&R since he retired) made a mean team and were seen in many TV adverts. Oom Gammat himself also appeared on may TV inserts on programmes such as Carte Blanche when they were featuring programmes on the people who were displaced from District Six.

Diana Truter describes Oom Gammat as a  wise man with a wicked sense of humour. He always taught lessons through his stories and jokes, but one had to listen carefully because he loved telling tall tales as well. He had a good heart and apart from teaching Diana about horses when she first started with Cart Horse, was very involved in the education of not only other drivers in the carting industry, but also our Equine Welfare Practitioners.

Especially in the early days of Cart Horse, Oom Gammat was involved in our fundraising efforts and never said no when we asked to take his horses to an event. They always looked well with spotless harnesses and beautiful carts.

Oom Gammat will be fondly remembered by anyone who had anything to do with him but his legacy lives on in his children, most of whom still own horses and are prime examples of how horses should be looked after.

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Kalk Bay harbour parking area gets a facelift

Kalk Bay harbour parking area gets a facelift

From: the City Of Cape Town

23 February 2018

The parking area at the Kalk Bay harbour has received a much-needed facelift. Apart from the newly surfaced parking layout, the City’s Transport and Urban Development Authority (TDA) has added paved walkways to the rocky shoreline along with benches, streetlights, and a recreational area for markets, fairs, and exhibitions during community events.

The upgrade of the Kalk Bay harbour parking area formed part of the Main Road rehabilitation project which included the restoration of parking areas along this scenic route from Muizenberg to Clovelly in the Far South.

‘At first glance the upgrade of the parking area at the Kalk Bay harbour may not seem that important, but the revitalisation of this area makes a huge difference to the local community and visitors. Previously the traffic along Main Road would back up considerably with long queues forming due to the constrained parking conditions at the harbour.

‘We have improved the access to the parking area by formalising the layout with asphalt surfacing and line markings. These measures assist with traffic flow along Main Road which is very busy during the tourist season, over weekends, and during peak hour periods on weekdays,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development, Councillor Brett Herron.

An important aspect of the rehabilitation project was to increase the versatility of the area through intelligent urban design, and additional features.

‘We have, for example, added a play area for children, as well as a paved recreational area next to the parking area which can be used for markets, fairs, exhibitions, and other community events. We have installed benches along the walkways to the rocky shore where visitors can watch the sunrise over False Bay and Simon’s Town in the distance.

‘Again, the walkways may not seem that significant but, coupled with additional streetlights and the benches, the features make this area more accessible to the public so that they can fully enjoy the natural beauty of this space with its 360 degree views,’ said Councillor Herron.

New red brick stairs lead from the parking area to the lower section of the harbour.

‘The retaining wall is cladded with sandstone that was excavated during the rehabilitation of Main Road in prior months. Previously, visitors had to walk around the parking area and in the traffic to get to the lower section of the harbour below. Thus, the steps provide safe and easier access to visitors,’ said Councillor Herron.

The local community was involved in this project right from the start.

‘We presented concepts to residents who made suggestions. Their contributions were taken into account and I am happy to say that we have received overwhelming support for this project. We can achieve a lot and can make this city even greater when we work together. I am confident that visitors and the local community will benefit from this upgrade for years to come,’ said Councillor Herron.

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Water Crisis Meeting in Kalk Bay

Water Crisis Meeting in Kalk Bay

Preparing for Day Zero: Local Responses

All residents of Kalk Bay and St James are invited to attend a water crisis meeting to be held at the following venue, date and time:

Date: Tuesday 20 February 2018

Time: 18h00

Venue: Holy Trinity Church Hall, Main Road, Kalk Bay

The meeting is being arranged by the Kalk Bay and St James Ratepayers Association, and SRA, with the purpose of informing residents of latest developments regarding the water crisis and to facilitate planning of local initiatives to cope with the consequences of day zero. The meeting will be addressed by Councillor Felicity Purchase.

Agenda items include:

  • City and provincial plans to avoid day zero
  • Plans to increase water extraction
  • Managing local water demand
  • Special needs water users: schools, the elderly, healthcare and retirement facilities, and those disabled or otherwise requiring physical assistance
  • Community participation/general discussion

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KBSJ SRA Management Team

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Plans to Upgrade Kalk Bay Harbour

Kalk Bay HarbourThirteen fishing harbours in the province are set for multimillion-rand facelifts over the next few years to develop the ports, create jobs and attract tourists to boost the local economy.

The harbours include Kalk Bay and Hout Bay where unemployment is a problem.

The cost of the first two phases of the project, to be carried out from this year to 2018, is estimated at R395 million and involves plans to redesign harbours to make them more productive and pedestrian-friendly.

Residents from fishing villages welcomed the upgrades, they said their communities needed urgent and long-overdue help.

The 13 harbours to be developed are at Hout Bay, St Helena Bay, Hermanus, Pepper Bay, Saldanha Bay, Gansbaai, Lambert’s Bay, Kalk Bay, Laaiplek Bay, Gordon’s Bay, Arniston, Struisbaai and Stilbaai.

The director-general of the Department of Public Works Mziwonke Dlabantu, said critical projects that would be carried out at the harbours included repairing and upgrading slipways, dredging harbour basins, removing sunken vessels and installing security measures.

Plans at specific harbours involve:

* Re-organising the main operation area in Kalk Bay harbour to make space for a dedicated facility for small-scale fishing operations. The plans include “ice production, cold storage and the processing facilities”. An additional berthing area would also be created, as well as improved vehicle access and pedestrian walkways that linked the harbour to the village.
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Take a Closer Look at Kalk Bay

Kalk BayCape Town is a melting pot of different cultures, unique areas and amazing people. To highlight this, Cape Town Tourism have gone and continued to go to the heart of different neighbourhoods in and around this amazing city to discover what the locals love, what hidden gems lie beneath the surface and to uncover the true nature of each area.

In this video, they invite you to take a closer look at the quirky seaside town of Kalk Bay.

Original Source: The Love Cape Town Neighbourhood Series

Bon Soir

kalk bayUp until now every Bon Soir show has been sold out but tonight 10 tickets are still available. Book quickly! They won’t be available for long.
A stimulating compilation of specialty acts to titillate your senses; UV illusions, optical contortions, strength adagio, comedy sketches and more.  Six multi-talented artists seamlessly boast one unbelievable performance after another.  Strung together with comedic antics and flawless vocals, this slick and sexy show, has enjoyed sell-out runs and rave reviews.  Featuring the famous Big Boys, Ash and Bradley Searle; the power couple that is Lucy and Alex Tops of Bar None fame; and the beautiful and sinuously acrobatic Nadine Theron and Ruby Burton of Another Day. Bon Soir parades some major eye candy and extraordinary skill.  This is a festive feast of a show for the whole family that is not to be missed.

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8 Home Security Mistakes you’re Making

mistakesEvery day we make mistakes that leave our homes vulnerable to a break-in. A burglar will always choose the easiest target and that’s good news for you – it means you have a lot of influence on whether you become a victim or not.

  • Hiding keys by doorways – leaving keys near door ways is very risky as you risk someone duplicating your key and breaking in whenever they want.
  • Leaving out mail – an overflowing mailbox is a good sign that no one is home as well as it allows criminals to steal your mail and gain personal information.
  • Open windows – windows are often the easiest entry point for burglars to access your home as doors can be sturdy and deadlocked.
  • Leaving valuables in sight – valuables should be left out sight so that burglars and stored away as expensive items signal that you have money and is a clear indicator to a burglar that your home is worth targeting.
  • No visible security – securing your home with burglar bars and visible security measures is a huge deterrent to burglars.
  • Not maintaining your yard – a messy yard is a signal to a burglar that you are an easy target as untrimmed trees and hedges make for potential hiding places.
  • Updating social media – avoid using social media to let strangers know your whereabouts as you never know who is following you online.
  • A lifeless home – leaving lights and the TV / Radio on a timer can signal to a burglar that someone is home.

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10 Great Things to do in Kalk Bay

kalk bay map

  1. Swim in a Tidal Pool: It’s like swimming in the sea, just calmer and without the sharks. There are a few pools scattered around the bay. I suggest you try them all and then pick your favourite.
  2. Coffee and croissant at C’est la vie: This tiny bakery is tucked behind the Aardvark Gallery and makes the best croissants and coffee. Pure bliss can be so simple.
  3. Surf the Reef: If you know how to surf that is. Kalk Bay Reef is one of the steepest and most challenging waves in Cape Town. The Brass Bell and Excuse my French give a pretty good view of the surfers if you’re not feeling up for it.
  4. Lunch at Olympia Café: This local favourite has an unpretentious and rustic feel but is always packed. Why? Because the food is so good.
  5. Whale watching: Come spring time Kalk Bay is one of the best spots to watch the Southern right whale. You will see them breaching right in front of the harbour wall, so keep your camera ready.
  6. Kalk Bay caves: Walk up towards Echo Valley from Boyes Drive. After a steep ascent a path will branch off towards Boomslang Cave. Take head torches and remember your steps, it gets pretty dark. On the other side you will re-emerge into sunlight and look over Fish Hoek. Are you scared of bats?
  7. Fish and Chips at Lucky Fish: There are many good seafood places in Kalk Bay, but if you love classic fish and chips; this is it.
  8. Shopping: Take a stroll down main road and get lost among antique furniture, old books and records, clothing from around the world, art galleries and lots of things that are cute and funny.
  9. Ice Cream: There is now some competition, but the Ice Café opposite the train station is still the place to go. I had raspberry-rosewater with toasted almond the other day and I still dream about it.
  10. Beer at the Brass Bell: The Brass Bell is situated almost in the sea. Cold beer, live music, hearty food and splendid views make this an ideal place to end the day. Don’t forget to do a little dance when you walk past the street musicians on your way out.

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