Security Update

Security Update

Most of the security cameras have now been installed.  The wifi hotspots to connect the cameras to the monitoring program are in the process of being set up and the monitoring program is being loaded onto various devices for checking.

To have the cameras monitored by volunteers using their personal devices, in their own homes, is groundbreaking technology and that taking our time to do it properly will yield huge benefits for the community and their safety. We are ironing out the teething problems as we go along, and once we roll out completely we are anticipating that things will run smoothly.

We extend a huge thanks to those who have volunteered to monitor the cameras.  At present we have 50 volunteers but would like to double that number so please, if you are interested in assisting with this, contact Gail Daniels, the SRA manager, who will give you more information.

This method of security has been developed by the SRA security team.

The SRA has received many calls and messages regarding the recent arrest of a well-known car guard in Kalk Bay. We have been advised that no conditions have been attached to his bail. We are trying to ascertain the charges against him and his next court appearance date. As soon as these are known, we will make representations to the public prosecutor together with the Business Association and the Ratepayers Association.

We also wish to thank Don Yeowell for running the Weekly Crime Update initiative.  He will be moving from Kalk Bay shortly and has handed over the distribution of the Weekly Crime Update to Joanne McGilvray.  Please address your crime reports in future to  It is extremely important for you to report all crimes as we use these figures, together with the crimes reported on the SRA Community WhatsApp group, to compile our crime statistics and to check on crime trends in the area.  Also, police only respond to reported crime – if you don’t report it to them, they don’t know about it.

As you can see from the graph below, crime in the area has decreased considerably over the past few years.  It is encouraging to know that all the focus on crime prevention is paying off.

P.S A huge thank you to everybody who was involved in ensuring the naming of Manila Steps and celebration of Filipino Heritage was a monumental success, well done!!

Kind Regards

KBSJ SRA Management Team

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Water Crisis Meeting in Kalk Bay

Water Crisis Meeting in Kalk Bay

Preparing for Day Zero: Local Responses

All residents of Kalk Bay and St James are invited to attend a water crisis meeting to be held at the following venue, date and time:

Date: Tuesday 20 February 2018

Time: 18h00

Venue: Holy Trinity Church Hall, Main Road, Kalk Bay

The meeting is being arranged by the Kalk Bay and St James Ratepayers Association, and SRA, with the purpose of informing residents of latest developments regarding the water crisis and to facilitate planning of local initiatives to cope with the consequences of day zero. The meeting will be addressed by Councillor Felicity Purchase.

Agenda items include:

  • City and provincial plans to avoid day zero
  • Plans to increase water extraction
  • Managing local water demand
  • Special needs water users: schools, the elderly, healthcare and retirement facilities, and those disabled or otherwise requiring physical assistance
  • Community participation/general discussion

Kind Regards

KBSJ SRA Management Team

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Kalk Bay Theatre

Kalk Bay Theatre

We love our Kalk Bay theatre!

Anyone who has ever visited Kalk Bay Theatre knows that it is a unique space, not only because it is a deconsecrated church, but also because this beautiful, intimate theatre space is owned and managed by a couple that lives and breathes all things entertainment. Vanessa Harris and Ashley Searle, who also own the Follow Spot Productions company, have made the Kalk Bay Theatre and Restaurant an extension of their vibrant personalities.

For more information Kalk Bay Theatre

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St James – Muizenberg Walk Way Patrols

Residents are understandably anxious and angry about the spate of violent attacks on the St James – Muizenberg Walk Way. The SRA is naturally very concerned about this unacceptable situation and again consulted with SAPS this morning at our weekly security meeting. It is imperative that the perpetrators be apprehended as soon as possible and SAPS is implementing initiatives to do so.

In addition, the SRA remains in close contact with law enforcement agencies and a combined initiative is being implemented to increase the frequency of foot patrols on the walkway in order to address public safety.

The current following schedule of patrols is currently being implemented in order to ensure regular patrols during daylight hours on working days:

  • From first light until 7am: SRA foot patrollers patrol the walkway until they leave at 7am in order to patrol the vicinity of three local schools to ensure the safety of children during the hour they arrive at school.
  • From 8h30am until 4h30 pm: two armed City Law Enforcement officers patrol the coastal walkway from Muizenberg to Kalk Bay
  • From 4pm until darkness: SRA patrollers will again patrol the walkway
  • In addition, SAPS Muizenberg are conducting periodic patrols of the walkway, from 6am until 4pm primarily in plain clothes.
  • Muizenberg Neighbourhood Watch conducts volunteer patrols at the Muizenberg end of the walkway.

On weekends, the SRA conducts its patrols as usual. We are awaiting confirmation from Law Enforcement in Muizenberg that will also conduct patrols, and SAPS conducts periodic patrols.

Despite these initiatives, the reality is that patrollers cannot be present on the walkway all the time. Residents and visitors are urged to exercise caution and to ensure that whenever possible they walk in groups. They are also requested to contact SAPS or Emergency Services urgently using the phone numbers above, in the event of any incident.

Kind Regards

KBSJ SRA Management Team

8 Home Security Mistakes you’re Making

mistakesEvery day we make mistakes that leave our homes vulnerable to a break-in. A burglar will always choose the easiest target and that’s good news for you – it means you have a lot of influence on whether you become a victim or not.

  • Hiding keys by doorways – leaving keys near door ways is very risky as you risk someone duplicating your key and breaking in whenever they want.
  • Leaving out mail – an overflowing mailbox is a good sign that no one is home as well as it allows criminals to steal your mail and gain personal information.
  • Open windows – windows are often the easiest entry point for burglars to access your home as doors can be sturdy and deadlocked.
  • Leaving valuables in sight – valuables should be left out sight so that burglars and stored away as expensive items signal that you have money and is a clear indicator to a burglar that your home is worth targeting.
  • No visible security – securing your home with burglar bars and visible security measures is a huge deterrent to burglars.
  • Not maintaining your yard – a messy yard is a signal to a burglar that you are an easy target as untrimmed trees and hedges make for potential hiding places.
  • Updating social media – avoid using social media to let strangers know your whereabouts as you never know who is following you online.
  • A lifeless home – leaving lights and the TV / Radio on a timer can signal to a burglar that someone is home.

Download eBook: 8 Home Security Mistakes you’re Making

Resource: Cammy

Cammy is an Australian company that captures motion detected events only, saving you from searching through meaningless footage.

OK Kalk Bay… Let the Games Begin!

Rugby-World-CupThe Kalk Bay & St James blog and Chas Everitt bring you the key information for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, including dates and kick-off times for every fixture in England!
The 2015 Rugby World Cup is scheduled to be the eighth Rugby World Cup, the quadrennial rugby union world championship. The tournament will be hosted by England from 18 September to 31 October 2015. Twickenham Stadium in London will host the final.

Increased shark activity with the arrival of spring

Shark WarningThe City appeals to all beach and ocean users to be aware of the expected increase in in-shore shark activity over the spring and summer months. Typically, shark sightings start in late August, and continue through to April, with most sightings being reported in mid-summer.

‘White sharks are present in our waters all year round and beach users should be aware that there is always a small possibility of encountering one of these animals. However, surfers are asked to be especially vigilant in the stretch between Sunrise and Macassar Beaches during the spring and summer months, as research has shown that the shark presence in these waters increases at this time of year.

‘Please always remain alert while enjoying the ocean. I thank our City staff and our partner, the Shark Spotters, for all of the hard work that is currently underway to ensure that our residents can enjoy a safer beach experience,’ says the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Energy, Environmental and Spatial Planning, Councillor Johan van der Merwe.

The Shark Spotters Information Centre at Muizenberg Surfer’s Corner is open to the public from 08:00 to 18:00 seven days a week. The centre provides up-to-date information on sharks and marine ecology, basic first-aid, general public assistance and emergencies, storage of valuables and lost property.

In addition, the Fish Hoek shark exclusion net will again be deployed for the annual Fish Hoek Spring Splash on 6 September 2015.

The exclusion net has proven to be an effective shark safety measure, by creating a physical barrier that prevents sharks from entering the bathing area. It will be in full operation during the 2015/2016 summer season.

On days that the exclusion net is deployed, the operating hours will be from 09:00 to17:00 and may occasionally be extended to allow for lifesaving training or events. The Shark Spotters will keep beach users informed about the deployment of the net via Twitter and Facebook, and signage is displayed when the net is deployed.

For more information on the latest shark sightings and research, please visit or follow the Shark Spotters on Twitter (@SharkSpotters) and Facebook (

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Fill a Bag, Win a Board

It’s that easy to win a surfboard in the Tuffy Beach Clean-Up competition. Fill a Tuffy bag with litter collected from your favourite beach and send the evidence to, which will put you in line to win a brand new board sponsored by Firewire and Share the Stoke Foundation each month until the end of January 2016.

Chas Everitt False Bay will be keeping stock of Tuffy bags whilst the initiative is running at their Fish Hoek office for those that need them.  Contact Scott Tait on 076 156 2619 for more information.
TuffyAdFind out more about our Tuffy Beach Clean-Up competition – in which you can get rewarded for your good enviro-deeds by winning big.



Silent Disco

Silent DiscoEnjoying massive success across Europe, silent disco’s have found their way to the Octopus’ Garden, in St James. Come for the coolest, freshest and overall most unforgettable experience of a life time, at the home of the silent disco, the Octopus’ Garden.

Whether you like to rock out with your frock out, or steeze with ease under the starry night sky, the silent disco is the place to be. Straight from Glastonbury to the Octopus Garden!!

Silent Disco CoverHow it Works:
– Turn up
– Rent the Headphones
– Switch from any of 3 Channels from different DJ’s
– Pull some crazy dace moves
– Laugh at your friend jamming to something different to you
– Have fun

The Silent Disco will take place on the 5th July at 20:00. For more information click here.