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John and Adrienne Silva
John and Adrienne Silva

Owner of historic Beaufort Villa, John Silva in Kalk Bay is the Chas Everitt resident agent for Kalk Bay and St James.

After living in Stellenbosch for 10 years, where John Silva was an active real estate agent and having a second place in Sea Point for the weekends, John and his wife Adrienne decided to look for something with an arty atmosphere and holiday feel all combined into one house.  The house was  very important as Adrienne needed a studio to be on site.  Finding something like that meant looking all over the Peninsula.  John and Adrienne had previously looked in the False Bay area -13 years ago but due to their son being at school in Rondebosch it was out of the question at the time.

Now their son has left home, John and Adrienne were free to choose a home where it pleased them.  Kalk Bay had huge appeal and they “bought a wreck” to redo.   John and Adrienne realised that this was a special area in which to live.“The pool and a new collection of fellow swimmers, the mountain, the sunrises all contributed to a lifestyle that is quite unique.  Of course the art galleries and antique shops were also a draw for us as we used to trade in antiques years ago too.  We love St James and Kalk Bay.  Capetonians by birth we cannot believe it took us so long to get here!  We have never felt more at home!” – John & Adrienne
Call John Silva: 073 162 3817 or office Office: 021 784 1630 or email

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