Security Update

Most of the security cameras have now been installed.  The wifi hotspots to connect the cameras to the monitoring program are in the process of being set up and the monitoring program is being loaded onto various devices for checking.

To have the cameras monitored by volunteers using their personal devices, in their own homes, is groundbreaking technology and that taking our time to do it properly will yield huge benefits for the community and their safety. We are ironing out the teething problems as we go along, and once we roll out completely we are anticipating that things will run smoothly.

We extend a huge thanks to those who have volunteered to monitor the cameras.  At present we have 50 volunteers but would like to double that number so please, if you are interested in assisting with this, contact Gail Daniels, the SRA manager, who will give you more information.

This method of security has been developed by the SRA security team.

The SRA has received many calls and messages regarding the recent arrest of a well-known car guard in Kalk Bay. We have been advised that no conditions have been attached to his bail. We are trying to ascertain the charges against him and his next court appearance date. As soon as these are known, we will make representations to the public prosecutor together with the Business Association and the Ratepayers Association.

We also wish to thank Don Yeowell for running the Weekly Crime Update initiative.  He will be moving from Kalk Bay shortly and has handed over the distribution of the Weekly Crime Update to Joanne McGilvray.  Please address your crime reports in future to  It is extremely important for you to report all crimes as we use these figures, together with the crimes reported on the SRA Community WhatsApp group, to compile our crime statistics and to check on crime trends in the area.  Also, police only respond to reported crime – if you don’t report it to them, they don’t know about it.

As you can see from the graph below, crime in the area has decreased considerably over the past few years.  It is encouraging to know that all the focus on crime prevention is paying off.

P.S A huge thank you to everybody who was involved in ensuring the naming of Manila Steps and celebration of Filipino Heritage was a monumental success, well done!!

Kind Regards

KBSJ SRA Management Team

(* Received by email)