Thingphony – A Symphony of Things

Join physicist-philosopher-pianist Philip Southey for an unforgettable romp through quantum physics, improvised classical music and tantric philosophy, as we explore some of the weird ways we make sense of our world. “Electron”, “Major 7th”, “Orgasm” and “Orange” are just some of the “things” we’ll explore in in this theatrical symphony.


Philip has played bagpipes for the queen. He also graduated with a BSc Astrophysics from UCT and a BA Philosophy from Oxford University. Born in Cape Town, he enjoys a special connection with the porcupines of Table Mountain, and playing the piano is his favourite hobby and pious pursuit. He is in his second last year (the second year to be called his “last year”) of a PhD in Physics Education at UCT.

Date: 3 march 2018

Time: 8.30PM

Venue: Kalk Bay Theatre, 52 Main Road, Kalk Bay.

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